IMAGO POR LAS ARTES is a non-profit, inclusive, and multicultural organization based in Miami – Florida, dedicated to facilitating access to culture for people of all ages through the production and promotion of artistic, educational, and recreational in all its manifestations: art, theater, music, and literature, with emphasis on the values and traditions of Hispanic culture in a creative, pleasant, different and integrated way.


Celebrate and enrich the art, musical, and literature education and creative potential in the Hispanic community and become the comprehensive Cultural Center of reference in South Florida with educational, cultural, and entertainment programs in Spanish and English for children, youth, and adults.


Miami Children’s Storytelling Festival

The “Miami Children’s Storytelling Festival” project consists of the creation, artistic assembly and presentation to an audience of stories narrated by children between the ages of 7 and 12, interested in Hispanic traditions and the Spanish as a second language with the purpose of preserving their oral tradition as cultural heritage.

This first edition has been possible thanks to support  of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners.”

Scholarships for children

It is a scholarship program for families that need more capital for their child to be part of the IMAGO After School program of art, music, choir, ceramics, cooking, or theater. It provides a partial scholarship covering 50% of the total enrollment of the IMAGO After School comprehensive program to those children inclined towards the arts who want to learn their different disciplines and have difficulty affording it.

Children’s Illustrator Contest

The “IMAGO Children’s Illustrators Contest” was created to promote the development of illustration as a language and expression tool. It has already been held for three editions and is open to children between the ages of 4 and 12 anywhere in the world. The theme of the 4th Edition of the contest will be: “Evoking places,” where the participants will elaborate free interpretations of the natural landscape of their choice or places produced by their imagination. As is tradition, prizes will award a first place and a special mention in each of the three categories.

Bilingual Children’s Choir

This program aims to promote cultural integration through music and singing, their languages and rhythms, creating a seedbed for children who wish to develop their talent and love for choral singing. The children of this choir prepare a repertoire of traditional Latin American and North American pieces to build bridges between the different Hispanic countries and the land that welcomes us. They have other annual presentations in December and May at the IMAGO headquarters and in different spaces in Miami Dade County, where they invite them.

Learning to look at art

The Learning to Look at Art program aims at all those young people and adults interested in deepening their knowledge of art and making it part of their lives. It provides a different perspective to the participant while bringing them closer to studying the various movements, styles, and protagonists of universal art history. Each cycle has virtual and face-to-face lectures. As the culmination of the course, there is a guided visit to a museum, gallery, or alternative exhibition space with some connection or exhibition on the topic being discussed, in or out of Miami.

Art exhibitions

It is a program designed to carry out individual or collective exhibitions of different forms of expression of the visual arts, with emerging artists, always focused on proposals that derive from modernity, from the study of shape, space, and color, making emphasis on geometric root abstraction and including the treatment of figuration through illustration.

Cultural evenings with writers and poets

This program promotes the diversity of artistic and aesthetic trends, intercultural dialogue, and the region’s visibility in terms of literary proposals, preserving widespread knowledge and manifestations that make up the tangible and intangible heritage of the Hispanic American community.


To enrich the cultural panorama, we created this program that looks for young emerging talents in art who meet the requirements and artistic curatorship determined by the program by calling a biannual art show with juries from different fields. Those selected by the jury will be able to exhibit their piece in the IMAGO exhibition space under the general coordination of IMAGO POR LAS ARTES. The show’s winner will be able to carry out an individual exhibition + a cash prize and certificate. The second and third prizes will receive a cash prize and a certificate.

Cinema Forum

It is a program in which we present a selected series of author films that facilitate and enrich the dialogue between the viewer and the audiovisual work. One or more specialists encourage discussion on the chosen topic as the starting point for the exchange. The topics are proposed by the facilitator or based on the public’s concerns.

Itinerant Storyteller

The program travels through various public and private spaces in Miami-Dade County. Through the dramatized oral narration of a story in Spanish, children can enjoy, laugh, imagine, and create from a story specially selected for each occasion. We accompany each tale with an art or craft activity, and by doing so, we achieve the integration between art and literature. The children may reinterpret any element, situation, or character from the story.

Themed intimate musical encounters

It is a program of musically curated recitals where artists perform live to interact with the audience, sing and tell stories about some of the performances. This series includes tributes to artists or groups from the recent musical past of Hispanic culture. The proximity, authenticity, and simplicity make this musical format special.

Local art tour experiences

These are carefully selected and designed art enjoyment experiences. In them, the visual arts are combined with the art of gastronomy to create special memories through a tour of the city of Miami. In each of these experiences, we visit a museum, gallery, private collection, or art space in the city of Miami, always under the guidance of a curator, specialist, and art critic who delves into the artist or artists, their work, the historical context and the human impact of the exhibition, generating spaces for discussion and reflection on the subject. Each visit ends by pairing it with the art of good eating around the table of a restaurant selected for that purpose. Every detail of the experience is taken care of so the participant can enjoy this moment to the fullest.

Imago Cultural Center for the Arts

It is the largest of our projects, the dream shared by many of those who make up the IMAGO community, in which they can have a physical building to develop a cultural, educational, and entertainment center, in the city of Miami, as space for human encounter, communication, and training, and that offers all attendees a comprehensive, creative, multicultural and diverse option in the promotion and enjoyment of the arts in any of its expressions; art, theater, music, literature, and gastronomy.

1st Children’s Book Festival in Spanish & exhibition of Illustrations

IMAGO POR LAS ARTES will host, in partnership with the Coral Gables Museum, The 1st Children’s Book Festival in Spanish, accompanied by an exhibition of EKARÉ Books Illustrations in October 2023.

The objective is to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and raise awareness among children and their families of art and literature as a form of expression and understanding of our culture.

This Festival will count with events like storytelling, panel discussions with authors and illustrators, art and crafts activities, and a book show specializing in children’s illustrated books in Spanish.


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